PIDM: Duplicate Checking / Solving

(Updated April 2, 2009) 




Added: See programs starting with the word ‘Special_’  they are programs you would manually run in certain cases.  Take a look.  There is one for restoring Records (in case the users deleted the wrong side of a case), for example, or for searching for a pidm, in the backups, or in Banner. 

This is a system designed to identify duplicates in your Banner system. It also lets the users solve most cases on their own. 

Save yourself some reading time and look at a copy of the report first:  duppidm.pdf

If you have received programs earlier, please refer to the pidm updates page. That lists all updates since 2008 Summit (Updated April 2, 2009) 

It may be self-explanatory then . At least it will help make sense of what you will read. (The SSN's in that example report are fake by the way).

Download the zip file (sql updated April 2, 2009) which contains all the sql and parts and instructions for:

  • Modification instructions (change code to run at your school. estimated time: 15 minutes)
  • Installation instructions (run two sql jobs, one to build tables, one to add some rows. est time: 1 minute)
  • Operating instructions. (order to run the sql jobs. run at a prompt, make a Unix shell script or other).

There is nothing to install except the tables it uses.  It is a series of programs written in plain vanilla pl/sql that you can run from a sql prompt and easily schedule. It is in modules corresponding with the major business functions. It wasn't written with a view to sharing so you will need to mod a very few lines in a text editor in the sql code -- instructions provided. It runs once per night and there is no benefit in breaking up into confusing far-flung parts—parts also requiring installation. 

What is solid:

1) The report is good. It will show SSN and Name/Date of Birth duplicates.  It will assign case numbers to those. Then look up all the tables that all the PIDM's on the case have (normally two).  It will also give the status of the tables and info in the tables.  Codes next to the listed tables show:

  • the other PIDM in the case has that table,
  • if the PIDM has that table but not all the info,
  • and if the PIDM has that table and nothing is missing.

2) Solving the Finance part of cases (FIMSMGR), mixed or otherwise.

What is not solid:

1) I have not completed the parts for solving some Student Accounts cases (where they are mixed).  Those are few. I should have that ready soon. It is June 11, 2008 right now. Soon means in a couple weeks, or it may not happen until September, depending on the users.  As of January 30, 2009, still not done, we just haven’t had any cases that involved this beyond the original two.

2) It does not have an automatic mechanism for solving some rare situations. A little work by the users is all it takes on most of those. Financial Award cases, occasionally need special treatment when FA records exist on both PIDM's in the case. I've only had to do a couple like that in over 4,000 cases. Normally the user can add records to the good side and you can delete the bad ones.  You can also do counter-intuitive things such as deleting

pidm updates page